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Thanks for the great work. We will be calling for more projects.

Jerry Stubben-Ellsworth, Iowa

In the entire construction process, Mort's was the best sub-contractor I worked with, thank you. Recently we started construction on a commercial sized building, and were looking for quality sub-contractors to meet our plumbing needs. Our criteria was not how little the cost, but how great the service rendered. We chose Mort's on a reference from a third party, and are extremely satisfied with the service they provided as they accommodated our demanding construction schedule. After that experience, they will be my first call and preferred plumbing and heating company for any future needs that we have. Thank you to Mort's for the outstanding service. 

Joe Sweeney- Buckeye Fish Company

I have used Mort's Pumbing and Heating twice. The first time I had the salesman from **** ,who never followed through. It was rather sad to be told one thing and then do something completely differant. I got a letter saying the salesman had left the company so, I figured I would give the company one more shot. This time Brad, Vicky and Diane where my points of contact, they were absolutely phenomenal when it came to the components of my ductless mini splite system. The installers showed up and far exceeded my expectations, they had a team of three installers, I was quoted 12 hours to do the job, they were so far ahead I took them to lunch and the entire job was done in just over seven and a half hours. They took the time to explain items to me and made sure that I understood the systems and what was needed. I would most definitely recommend Mort's Plumbing & Heating to come and do your next job. Thank's Brad and his team for making the second time around an excellent experience!


Mike Emery, Nevada, Iowa