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2 Pump Hoist Trucks to service and install well pumps.

A variety of digging, trenching, and boring equipment to install and rehab wells.                                    

Franklin Electric Constant Pressure Systems

City Pressure in the Country

What is a constant pressure well system?

A constant pressure system operates with a variable frequency drive controller that automatically monitors your household demand. Like the cruise control on a car, the variable frequency drive speeds up or slows down the pump depending on your household water requirements. The result is reliable, constant "city-like" pressure where and when you need it.

 What are the advantages of a constant pressure well system?

  • No dips in water pressure - constant pressure regardless of fluctuation
  • Supports high volume needs
  • Variable speed monitors demand
  • Mechanical stress on the pump & motor is reduced
  • Saves energy consumption and costs
  • Save space with a smaller pressure tank as needed
  • Can easily be expanded for future needs

SubDrive 3-Phase Models

SubDrive15, SubDrive20, SubDrive30, SubDrive75, SubDrive100, SubDrive150, and SubDrive300 are designed for three-phase motors to provide constant pressure with three-phase performance using single-phase input power.

  • Single-phase input, three-phase motor control
  • Plug & play
  • 3/4 hp to 5 hp performance
  • Smooth running
  • Easy to install
  • Easily replaceable fan kit
  • High starting torque
  • UL and cUL listed
  • NEMA 3R and NEMA 4 enclosure options (indoor/outdoor)


certified plumbers

Kent Morton – Iowa Certified Well Pump Contractor – Advanced

Travis Hunter - Iowa Certified Well Pump Installer

Justin Morton - Iowa Certified Well Pump Installer


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